Not bad. Not bad at all!

I had to try
I had to stumble
I had to loose
I had to crumble
Doesnt matter what you said.
The will to live is in my head
Close your eyes and see my burning flags.

Burning Flags


Fredrik Kempe, songwriter

Fredrik Kempe

Karlskrona, Sweden - February 2, 2013
(Updated after contest: But only a second chance for these girls to get better... Good luck next time! )

(Uppdaterat 2013-02-06, 21:10)
Ibland r man s ivrig att agera korrekt och man gr sitt bsta fr det.
Det ser rtt ut men det blir nd fel till sist.
Hur man n gr och hur man n frsker, det blir nd fel

Fr mycket avund, hat och elakhet p ntet, tyvrr.